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If you're like me at all, and you've spent all day running around Disneyland (and I mean ALL. DAY.), your feet and legs are probably just about ready to give up on you while you're walking back to the hotel room. And you've still got four more days in the park to think about!

So here's what you do.

Two Ibuprofen, two Tylenol. Plenty of water. Then, the stretches!

Sore calves/legs? Sit on the floor facing a wall with your legs straight and your feet flat against the wall. (You may want to sit on a pillow to make the move more comfortable.) Bend forward as far as you can to stretch and lengthen your calf muscles and hamstrings.

Stand as if you’ve just taken a step forward with your right leg (so your left leg is behind you). Tuck your left foot under so the tops of your toes touch the floor. You should feel a stretch along the top of your foot. Hold, then switch feet.

Up near your toes? Stand as if you’ve just taken a step forward with your right leg (so your left leg is behind you). Tuck your left foot under so the tops of your toes touch the floor. You should feel a stretch along the top of your foot. Hold, then switch feet. Repeat a few times. Then go sit on a chair and cross your left leg, resting your ankle on your right thigh. Weave the fingers of your right hand through the toes of your left foot to separate them. Focus on spreading your toes wide; try not to pull them up or down. Hold, then switch sides.

And then, once you've done all that and you're *still* a bit sore? Lie on your back with your bottom a few inches from a wall and your arms out. Place your heels on the wall with your legs forming a wide V. You’ll feel a gentle pull in your inner thighs. Overly tight inner-thigh muscles can overload the arches of your feet, so this stretch can relax them when they’re cramped. Plus, elevating the legs reduces swelling!

I know this is a huge wall-o-text reply, but the whole process from the moment you take the ibuprofen to the time your feet are feeling swell should be no more than like 15 minutes. And best of all, you'll be "reset" for the next day in the park!
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We've all seen this, right?

SO EXCITED! Our next visit is set for the last week of January, just about a week-and-a-half after the parade returns on January 20th *SQUEEEEE!*

So did you catch all the references?

The 64658 on the warehouse door is the zip code for Marceline, Mo., the town where Walt Disney grew up.

The doors open to reveal a Skyway bucket sliding in front of Skull Rock.

That's followed by a high shot that includes the old Disneyland sign, the Star Jets, the Silly Sea Serpent from the original Submarine Ride, and that Skybucket again. On the far right is the Mighty Microscope and a Dumbo vehicle. There's an old popcorn cart in the middle, and four heads with tricorner hats on the left side from the old America on Parade attraction.

The next shot features Captain Rex from the original Star Tours, an old Autopia car, Sam the Eagle from America Sings, a PeopleMover car, and the original Yeti from Matterhorn Bobsleds.

From there, the woman walks past a collection of old attraction posters for Tom Sawyer island (now Pirates Cove), The Mickey Mouse Club Theater Featuring Jimmy Dodd's 3-D Jamboree (now Pinocchio's Daring Journey) and the original Submarine Ride (Now the Finding nemo ride), plus several princess dresses and what i *assume* is a chandelier from the Haunted Mansion. A flying saucer floats past, then as she greets the old man, we see the Nautilus in the background (which was one of the original walk-through attractions in Tomorrowland)

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“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here, age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America, with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.”

As I was browsing around Dreamwidth and checking it out, I couldn't help but notice none of the Disney-themed communities here have updated in over a year! THIS IS NOT OKAY! Even if it's just *me* looking at this silly community, there NEEDS to be some love for The Happiest Place On Earth ;)


(btw, this means that anyone who stumbles upon this community can feel free to post these types of things as well)

Links to Disneyland news and rumors, so we can hopefully discuss them! I know, there's PLENTY of forums out there with tons more members than we could ever possibly hope to attract here, but there's something really special about a *small* community in a blog-like atmosphere sharing thoughts and ideas - a feeling I haven't had since the good old days of LJ, a feeling that no forum has EVER been able to capture for me.

Trip reports with plenty of pictures! Because that's one of the best parts of being friends with lots of random Disney Fans, is getting to share in their vacations ;)

Games! I love trivia and stuff like that, so we'll probably do a bunch of game stuff here on occasion ;)

Buying, Selling and Trading! I'd love to see people get into pin trading or other collectibles, i personally have an absolute ADDICTION to collecting "Souvenir Sipper" coffee mugs from the parks!

Show and Tell! Show off your collection! Brag about it! Find others who are jealous of your stuff!


Disney World and/or any of the non-Anaheim Disney Theme Parks. It's a pet peeve of mine that every time I want to have a conversation about Disneyland, somebody brings up how their favorite part of Disneyland is something like EPCOT or Animal Kingdom. So you can go ahead and talk about it, but I *might* mock you for it.

So go ahead, feel free to post here! I look forward to hearing from y'all!


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