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We've all seen this, right?

SO EXCITED! Our next visit is set for the last week of January, just about a week-and-a-half after the parade returns on January 20th *SQUEEEEE!*

So did you catch all the references?

The 64658 on the warehouse door is the zip code for Marceline, Mo., the town where Walt Disney grew up.

The doors open to reveal a Skyway bucket sliding in front of Skull Rock.

That's followed by a high shot that includes the old Disneyland sign, the Star Jets, the Silly Sea Serpent from the original Submarine Ride, and that Skybucket again. On the far right is the Mighty Microscope and a Dumbo vehicle. There's an old popcorn cart in the middle, and four heads with tricorner hats on the left side from the old America on Parade attraction.

The next shot features Captain Rex from the original Star Tours, an old Autopia car, Sam the Eagle from America Sings, a PeopleMover car, and the original Yeti from Matterhorn Bobsleds.

From there, the woman walks past a collection of old attraction posters for Tom Sawyer island (now Pirates Cove), The Mickey Mouse Club Theater Featuring Jimmy Dodd's 3-D Jamboree (now Pinocchio's Daring Journey) and the original Submarine Ride (Now the Finding nemo ride), plus several princess dresses and what i *assume* is a chandelier from the Haunted Mansion. A flying saucer floats past, then as she greets the old man, we see the Nautilus in the background (which was one of the original walk-through attractions in Tomorrowland)

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